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Go wild on the SUP

White water stand up paddling is our core discipline. Wild South has specialized in whitewater stand-up paddling for the last few years. Marco is responsible for the whitewater guide training at the GSUPA eV. This means that we are always up to date with paddle technology.




The camp at our home spot. Brilliant campsite and with Isar and Loisach two paddling options.


Our classic and favorite stream. A very special atmosphere is waiting for you.

Camp Drava

Do you have your own goals and desires? We take care of you individually. Solo, with family or friends.


Our multi-day highlight. The natural spectacle par excellence. Including bivouacking on the river.


We can also wave 

Oktober 2024

You think you can't surf in the Mediterranean? Wrong thought. We bring you to the most beautiful wave spotsSardiniain the autumn.

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